Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1605 Ways To Deal With Christian Cambas

This week I put together the latest installment of 1605’s Beatport mixes and made it a point to focus on the tracks that meant the most to me both sound-wise and, of course, emotionally - just because I’m such an emotional guy.

Since I made the first ever “1605 Ways To Deal With…” compilation a couple of years ago, things have definitely changed in our scene and in the ever-evolving 1605 sound.  But while the choice of tracks might seem like a retrospective of sorts, it is in no way a nostalgic look to the past, but a firm nod to the sound that established my identity as a producer.

Another very important aspect regarding the artists who appear on this compilation is that I have developed a personal relationship with pretty much all of them, either by playing together at events, getting together for drinks or just even chatting online.  And I’m not talking about strictly business relationships, but just plain-old messing around, most of the time.

In a recent talk I had with Bizzy from Dataminions, we were wondering the usual: where the sound was going, what would be the next wave to evolve, the standard stuff.  I told him that after struggling with my own sound, I came to the conclusion that it’s probably better for me to be consistent with my tracks even when trends come and go.  My initial “1605 sound” is what I’m into 100% and it’s also what most of the people who support me, associate me with.  So, to honor all of the above, I chose these 13 tracks that sum up everything I do :)

Here is the link for you to check out the mix:

Clockwise from top left:  Umek, Spartaque, Piatto, Bizzy from Dataminions

And the cover from the first “1605 Ways To Deal With Christian Cambas” from 2011:

You can check it here:

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