Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Carl Cox, UMEK and me!

OK, time for me to get emotional.  Carl Cox was the first DJ I ever opened up for.  That party also marked my first proper gig as a professional DJ, so it was a pretty lucky break, if you ask me :)

Over the years, I played with Carl once or twice again, I can’t really remember.  And of course, I have
done quite a few things with lord Umek who is the nicest guy in the business.  So this past weekend, more than 10 years after the first time I shared the stage with Carl Cox, we played in my hometown of Athens, with a lineup that summed up a lot about what we know about Techno and Tech House these days: Carl Cox, Umek, and Ramon Tapia. And it was a fucking blast.  It was fun.

So, looking back over a decade, there is only one thing for me to say: As long as we are having FUN, that’s all that matters.

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